National Arena Swimming League

This is the National Club swimming competition.  There are three preliminary rounds of the league followed by regional semi finals and a National final.  For each round the division is split into two or three galas.  The positions achieved in one gala determine the participants for the next.  

The club entered a team for the first time in 2013 which immediately achieved promotion to Division One of the London League.  In 2014 the club secured promotion for a second successive season by coming runner-up in Division One .  As a result the club will be competing in the Premier division in 2015.  

Details and results are available on Arena League website .  

Essex Swimming League

Regional club competition.  Teams compete in fixed divisions over four galas. The club has entered one team in the league for 2015 season.  This team will compete in Division Two and the first gala will be in February.

2015 Fixtures & Locations: 28-Feb Basildon, 21-Mar Becontree, 16-May Basildon, 6-Jun Braintree

See full fixture details and previous results at the Essex Swimming League website.  

Essex Mini League

The Essex Mini League is aimed at swimmers that have not achieved their Essex County qualifying times.  There is a single division and each club competes in five galas over the season. The fixture list is arranged with the aim that each club will swim against every other club in the league during the season.  Each event has a 'standard time' agreed, performances faster then these standard times score no points.

Fixtures are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month running from February to October. 2015 Fixtures & Locations:
7-Feb Hornchurch, 14-Mar Rochford, 13-Jun Witham, 11-Jul Rochford, 12-Sept Basildon

See full fixture details at the Essex Mini League website.

Junior M11 League

The Junior Swimming League (M11) is a regional club competition aimed at 9-12 year olds. For historic reasons this competition is sometimes referred to as the Junior Speedo League or ‘Diddy’ league.  

BPSC entered this league for the first time  in 2014, finished runners-up in Division Two and gained promotion to Division One.

2015 Fixtures:  26-Apr, 17-May, 28-Jun, + TBA

Gala Details - Planned

Listed here are currently available details of potential swimming galas plus some useful gala-related material and Regional and County Qualifying times.

 Age Group/Youth Qualifying Times:  

  2015 Essex Age Groups   2015 East Region - Age Group/Youth   

Planned League Galas:

New parents/swimmers:  please read the BPSC Gala Entry procedure.  
All: Please ensure that all entry forms and entry monies for galas are handed in by the due date – absolutely no late entries will be accepted.


Gala Details

Who can Enter



3rd & 4th January

BPSC Winter Long Course Meet

See Open Galas page for details

A: 16,17,18th Jan
B: 31st Jan/1st Feb
C: 13,14,15th Feb

2015 Essex Age Group Championships
Note: Age for QT’s is as at 31st Dec 2015

Age 10+ at end-2015
(subject to licensed QT's)

Conditions  Schedule
Qualifying Times  

7th Feb

Aquae Sullis LC Meet

Selected Swimmers only

14-15th March

BPSC Spring Timetrial Meet - Short Course

See Open Galas page  
Individual Entry Form

27/28/29th March

City Of Sheffield Premier Meet

Level 1 gala

(not-Essex Lge swimmers)

 Meet Details  

Individual Entry Form

4-5th April

BPSC Easter Long Course Meet

See Open Galas page  
Individual Entry Form

14-17th April

British Swimming Championships

National Selection

18/19th April

Thurrock Regional Qualifier

Meet Details

2/3/4th May

East Region Youth Championships

Qualifying swimmers

East Region site

16/17th May

Rotherham LC Open

Level 1 gala

Gala Details

23/24/25th May

East Region Junior championships

Qualifying swimmers

East Region site

31st May

BPSC Sprint +400FS ‘No frills’ Meet

See Open Galas page  Individual Entry Form

12th June

BPSC Club Championships

ALL swimmers
(G1 optional)

Club Champs Entry Form

4th July

BPSC Independence Day Novice invitation meet

See Open Galas page  
Individual Entry Form

18-19th July

BPSC End of Season LC Meet

See Open Galas page  
Individual Entry Form

Animated Cartoon Fly Swimmer Items To Take To A Gala.doc Gala Guide:  Things  to take to a gala Gala Entry Form Gala Calendar

Planned Open Galas & Competitions: